Enamelling 10

Cold enamelling creates beautiful results that can be used for making jewellery, including pendants, bracelets, earrings and broaches. Cold enamelling can also be used for making charms for mobile phones and trinkets for cards and scrap-booking.


You will need a cold enameling kit that includes:

U-strip: to stand your copper shape on, both to enable accurate application of enamelling powders and for cooling off

Spatula: to move coppers easily from U-strip and on/off  the stove top.

Selection of Enamelling Powders

Sieve Tops: a must for the even distribution of enamelling powders

Firing Plate: This will protect your stove top from loose falling powder.

Selection of Copper Shapes

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STEP BY STEP: Cold Enamelling

Enamel 3

Lightly scratch your chosen copper shape on both sides.

Enamel 5

Generously sprinkle the copper shape with powder using a sieve top. No copper should show through.

Enamel 4

Carefully move copper shape using the spatula onto the firing plate and onto the stove top.

Allow powder to melt (this will take a couple of minutes). When melted the surface will have developed a shiny finish. Remove from the stove and cool. If you are not happy with your finished piece, simply add more enamelling powder over the original surface and repeat the firing process.


Enamel 1

To add a pattern, lay a stencil over the top of your cooled enamelled shape and sprinkle on a light layer of enamelling powder in a contrasting colour.

Enamel 6

Remove from the heat and cool. Your enamelled shape is complete and ready to be made into jewellery, charms and trinkets for card making and scrap-booking.

Enamel 9

Carefully lift stencil and replace the enamelled shape back onto the stove top. Melt once again for three to five minutes. Keep your stencil simple.

Enamel 2

More decoration ideas include:

Embedding glass and metal beads in powder before firing.

Twisting fine wire into shapes and laying on top of enamelled piece before re-melting to fix wires

Once powder has melted, quickly and firmly push a rubber stamp, inked (with permanent ink) or un-inked into powder and remove for an embossed effect.

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